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AHCC Club Rules 2024

Club Rules 2024

  • Adherence to the Club Rules is an unequivocal requirement of all Club members.  Club Rules apply when taking part in any Club organised activity or function.

  • On becoming a member of Alsager Harlequins Cycling Club, the appropriate membership fee must be paid within thirty days OR in respect of existing members of the Club, at the time of renewal of membership, the appropriate membership fee must be paid by 30th April.  If membership fees are not paid, as stated, then membership of the Club will be rescinded.

  • Members agree that their personal details, e.g. name, email address and telephone number can be shared with other members as a means of communication (WhatsApp etc) and that their personal details can be retained and used by the Club and submitted to British Cycling, when necessary, as part of the Club Affiliation, unless the member specifically asks the Committee not to share their details.

  • Members must adhere to decisions made by the Club Committee in respect of Rules, Policies, etc which are made in the best interest of the Club and its members.

  • Members must not conduct themselves or act in any way that could bring the public image of the Club into disrepute.

  • Members should not act in any way that could negatively impact on the harmonious running of the Club, including but not restricted to their conduct towards other members.

  • Members agree to abide by the Club Ride Guidelines.

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