Terms & Conditions of Membership

Our Club

We are an Inclusive Cycling Club promoting cycling in Alsager.  We welcome men, women and children (some conditions apply, see below).

These conditions are for the benefit of all members

(All reference to ‘the club’ or ‘club’ refers to Alsager Harlequins Cycling Club.)

  • Once membership has been approved, new members agree to pay the appropriate membership fee within 5 working days by BACS payment or in cash to the Club Treasurer.

  • Existing Members must pay their annual membership renewal within 30 days of the renewal date.  Failure to do so may result in the individual being removed as a member of the club.

  • Any member acting in such a manner that that brings the club into disrepute, who’s actions negatively impact upon the image of the club, or, who in the opinion of the club committee, act in such a way as to impact the harmonious running of the club will have membership rescinded with immediate effect.

  • Members also agree to:

    • Only cycle within the limits of their fitness and ability

    • Always wear a cycle helmet when cycling.  For you safety we insist on "No Helmet, No Ride"

    • Acknowledge that events take place on public roads and any participation in such events is done so entirely at their own risk

    • Take full responsibility for the maintenance of their bicycle and cycling related equipment

    • Take full responsibility for the appropriate use of their bicycle at all times, including adherence to road and local laws as well as cycling conditions

    • Allow photographs or other images taken on club events to be used for promotional purposes except where the member is under the age of 16, in such cases permission must obtained from the member’s parent or guardian prior to any such images being used.

    • Allow the data submitted on the membership form to be stored for the use of the club and where necessary submitted to British Cycling as part of the club’s incorporation with said organisation.  Telephone numbers and email address given on the membership form may be shared with club members in order to facilitate communication of events or in the event of any accident or emergency.  No data will be shared with any other organisation outside of the club for any other purposes whatsoever except with the explicit agreement of the individual member.

  • Members acknowledge that no liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by them, or by reason of their involvement in any Club activities, however caused, shall be attributable to the club, or its other members or committee.

  • Parents or guardians of Junior members also acknowledge that in addition to all of the above, it is their responsibility to ensure that their child/dependant is suitably competent and confident in their cycling activities before they take part in any club events and that responsibility for the safety of the child remains with them at all times.  Parents/guardians also acknowledge that no children under the age of 16 will be allowed to take part in activities without said parent or guardian also being a member of the club and joining all events or club rides in which the junior member wishes to partake.