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Guidelines and Rules

AHCC Ride Guidelines


Alsager Harlequins Cycling Club (AHCC) wants to ensure ALL Club Members get maximum enjoyment from participaton in Club Rides and they do so in the safest possible environment.


This document contains the Rules, Recommendations and Etiquette that guide the expected behaviour of all club members when participating in a Club Ride.  This forms part of the AHCC Safety Policy.


All riders must, at all times:

  • Wear a helmet

  • Comply with the Highway Code

  • Preserve the good reputation of Alsager Harlequins Cycling Club

  • Refrain from consuming alcohol during an Official Club Ride


It is recommended that all riders:

  • Familiarise themselves with the safety information issued by the Club

  • Use Front & rear lights, always
  • Take out some form of Third Party (Public Liability) Accident Insurance
  • Who use a bike computer, download the route and make themselves familiar with it, before participating on a Club ride
  • Add settings to their bike computer eg. Garmin / Wahoo, to remind themselves of when to drink and eat when on a ride
  • Fit mudguards when riding in wet weather and during the winter
  • With less experience, follow the guidance of Club Ride Officials and other, more experienced Riders
  • Ride two abreast (in accordance with the Highway Code page 28 - Rules for Cyclists No. 66) when it is safe to do so and road/traffic conditions allow, and only when individual Riders are confident to do so
  • Carry the details of their Emergency contact (name and telephone number) in the event of an emergency arising. To aid the location of these details it is suggested they be written on an AHCC club card and kept together with your mobile phone
  • Download the What3Words App to help Emergency Services locate their position in the event of an emergency



  • In accordance with AHCC “No Drop” policy, no rider will be left behind when out on a Club Ride

  • Riders should use the appropriate “call-outs” when riding in a Group to make others aware of approaching hazards, whether they be caused by other road users or road conditions

  • Riders should avoid the use of language and inappropriate comments which might offend other people

  • Riders should respect everyone we encounter on a Club Ride and avoid altercations with other road users, remembering that our club name is now on the back of the club jersey

  • Riders should be willing to both give and receive constructive feedback from other members when out on a Club Ride

  • Riders are encouraged to be supportive of one another when on a Club Ride, recognising that everyone has different levels of ability and experience

  • Riders who are struggling and/or feeling unwell and/or fatigued should be supported by all other riders until they can be escorted to a point of safety. The ride may be curtailed should this eventuality occur

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