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Planned Rides

Our List Of Rides Is Large And Growing

Being a member of Alsager Harlequins means you have access to all the routes of weekly rides.

These are published on WhatsApp in the Ride Information group. 

Once you have them you can use them as many times as you like, even if you want to go out on your own.

Santa route.png
Garmin, Wahoo & Strava

Modern technology means that these routes can also be uploaded into a navigation device or smartphone to help you stay on track.


These will also plot your ride so that you can review where you went, how far and how fast.

There is plenty of expertise among the members to help you get the most of such devices and apps.

WhatsApp Updates

We cannot always predict the weather in this country so information from other members via WhatsApp is invaluable.

Right up to the morning of a planned ride you can access and contribute to discussions between members about current weather conditions.

This way, sensible decisions can be made about rides if it is felt that the conditions might be dangerous.

In addition the WhatsApp group is a great way for members to stay in touch with each other socially or to plan additional group rides.

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