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About Us

The Alsager  Harlequins is a group of friendly people with varied interests in cycling

We are a social club with emphasis on friendly chats and banter while cycling. 

The club is open to everyone over the age of eighteen regardless of ability.

We cater for all ages and abilities from complete beginners wanting a gentle introduction to cycling up to more advanced riders who might want to push their speed and/or endurance.


Each Sunday we offer three different rides:   Long, Short and Beginner.

The length of rides depends on what people request, whether it is a short 5 mile slow pace ride or a 50+ mile endurance ride.

The routes are suggested by members, on Facebook or online via the club's WhatsApp page.

Members are also encouraged to organise additional rides during the week in the evenings or during the day for those not at work.  This might just be groups of 2 or 3 riders at a time.


Caring Club Policy

Every member of Alsager Harlequins is valued and we like to consider ourselves as one big happy family.

We pride ourselves on our policy: "We Never Leave A Rider Behind."  If anyone struggles with a particular ride then other riders will stay with them and travel at their pace to ensure they get home safely.

Social​​ Activities

In addition to weekly rides there are organised socials such as the meals for Christmas and the club's anniversary.

Members of the club have a varied range of abilities and interests outside cycling.  A willingness to help each other in any way we can sets us apart from many "pure" cycling groups.

Charities & Other Clubs

The Alsager Harlequins actively support several charities and we are always open to suggestions for further support.

We have developed links with and supported:  Alsager Round Table, Alsager Food Bank, The Alice Charity, Remembrance Day, Douglas MacMillan,  RNLI.

In addition we try to support other local cycling clubs when they offer organised rides such as the popular "Reliability Rides."


The Alsager Harlequins began in 2018 with a couple of riders who noticed there were many cycling enthusiasts in the area but very few clubs.  They started cycling together and encouraged other interested cyclists to give it a go.

With some promoting of the club, not least by people witnessing how much fun we have, the membership has now approaching 100 members.

In addition, the striking and colourful Harlequins kit colours certainly gets us noticed, and people often guess what we are called without having ever heard of us!

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